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Plugin your favourite tools and applications from our list of integrations or work with our service provider partners to give a more robust event experience to your attendees. Our marketplace offers easy to embed apps and trusted vendors to use for any kind of event type.

Online Exam Builder-Quiz

Fun online trivia and exam builder. Set up your own engaging exams

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Microsoft Powerpoint

A popular design presentation tool for making slides. Either for wo

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My Album

Create an album in minutes. Relive your favorite photos and videos

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A widely-used video conferencing platform that brings people into o

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A favored video channel with video clips from all over the globe. E

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Use the embed link to share the video directly on Veertly's platfor

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Can also be used as a jitsi server on the main stage. It delivers a

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Traditional video calls are exhausting. Rally lets you hop between

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MURAL is a digital workspace for visual collaboration, where everyo

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The most popular apps

Gather Town

Gather is building virtual spaces for people to live and interact m

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HyHyve is an online event and networking platform.

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This is a presentation software, enabling modern teams to craft and

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