Google Slides

      A free online slides creator for everyone with a Google account. Designing your slides for work, study, or personal purposes, and automatically saving files directly on the Internet in your Google Workspace. 


      Google Slides provides a great experience of creating presentations. It delivers many features for being a slides master:

      • provide various themes and fonts for slides creation
      • support different types of media inserts
      • easy access to your documents for creating and editing
      • collaboration in the same file at the same time
      • no pain from forgetting to click "save", it saves automatically 
      • support Microsoft Powerpoint 
      • expand your slides with add-ons


      Integrating Google Slides enables you to collaborate with your attendees with all features during the events.

      Either work together on creating perfect slides for your presentation or present your works remotely to your attendees. Don't need to switch between the website tab and video call. Simply do it all at once! 

      Participants can present or work together like in person. Remote collaboration is not a dream anymore. It's real! And it has never been better! 

      How to Embed:

      Visit our help center for further information or directly contact us.

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