Walls.io - Social Wall

This social media wall aggregates content from various social media platforms by selecting your event #hashtag.

Benefits of embedding walls.io into Veertly:

  • Create a buzz and gain attention on social media
  • Attendees bot online and offline can share their event experiences with each other
  • Watching videos, screenshots and thoughts from attendees is authentic


How to integrate Walls.io into Veertly:

  1. Open Walls.io and sign in to your account
  2. Create your own social wall and define your event hashtag
  3. Copy the link of your social wall
  4. Go to your Veertly event and enter the cockpit
  5. Visit the 'Look & Feel' tab and click 'Add area'
  6. Insert the copied URL, plus add a name for the new event area

Marketplace - Add wall.io into Veertly

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