Best live streaming experience in Veertly with Restream


Restream is a live-streaming solution tool for digital events. It creates powerful live streams and connects to your audience anywhere. The tool itself is simple to use. You can be a live-streaming pro too! 


The live-streaming tool gives you an opportunity to set up a live stream yourself in the events. With Restream, you can stream any content to your audience. It features:

  • stream live anywhere, e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others...
  • simple control on- and off-stage of the speakers
  • brand your live video
  • drive call-to-action to the audiences
  • highlight messages to build engagement with audiences


Veertly is a customizable event platform that suits hybrid and virtual events. Integrate Restream into Veertly lets you stream the live shows or pre-record videos to the attendees.

You can simply control the tool yourself with Restream Studio. No more exhausting communication between the live production company. Sign-up with this link end get free credits.

How to Embed:

Visit our help center for further information or contact us directly.

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